Isn’t It Time You Stopped?

If you are a human resources manager, you wear many hats. You may oversee staffing, classification, training, compensation, and benefits programs, handling and trouble-shooting daily employee and program issues. You hire, supervise, and evaluate your staff. You get involved in employee grievance issues. You oversee employee discipline and termination. You conduct exit interviews.

You enforce company policies and practices. You ride herd on supervisors and managers to conduct employee performance evaluations. You attend back-to-back meetings, all of which require some type of action on your part. You make presentations, negotiate with vendors, maintain compliance with state and federal laws and regulations… the list is endless, and your days are never the same, are they?

You also probably spend hours continually advising the same managers, resolving issues that these managers should have handled, listening to employee complaints about their managers, and repeatedly filling the same positions because certain managers have constant turnover.

What about the hundred other things you need to do? Isn’t it time you stopped doing what your managers should be doing?

Take these 8 steps to free up more of your time:

  1. Identify the managers who continually need your help.
  2. Estimate how much time you spend doing their jobs for them.
  3. Note the most common problems that you solve for them.
  4. Create a list of skills that those managers lack or need to strengthen.
  5. Meet with the managers to discuss what you feel they need to learn- and why.
  6. Explore how you can provide timely, cost-effective management development.
  7. Use in-house peer learning groups that target specific skills just-in-time.
  8. Help your managers gain the skills they need.

Enjoy your extra time when you have competent and responsible managers doing their jobs!

Remember, employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. If you want your managers to start handling employee engagement, performance, and retention issues on their own, contact Deborah Laurel to learn how structured skill-focused peer learning groups can help.

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