How to Remedy 11 Causes of Employee Disengagement

Poor management is the number one reason why 75% of employees quit. Improving management awareness of their responsibility and impact while building their skills are the most effective ways to remove and remedy the other causes of employee disengagement.

These causes are the direct result of managers’ poor communication, delegation, and performance management skills: lack of recognition, poor communication, lack of career growth, lack of training, lack of tools and resources, low pay, not being used for their strengths, excessive workload volume, lack of challenging work, and lack of collaboration.

SpriggHR offers insight into these causes of employee disengagement as well as what managers can do to remedy them in their article 11 Causes of Employee Disengagement and How to Overcome Them 

Disengaged employees cost companies $3,400 for every $10,000 they make in salary. If your organization is suffering the cost of employee disengagement, please contact me to discuss how peer learning groups can be used for just-in-time management development.

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