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The Great RealignmentEight Successful Recruiting Strategies Taken from MarketingWhy I Focus on Management DevelopmentWhy is Peer Learning So Valuable?How to Leverage LearningWhy is Peer-to-Peer Learning So Powerful?How to Build Trust in a Hybrid Work SituationPower Skills Won the Day!If Managers Want Their Decisions ImplementedHow to Build Managerial Collegiality and CollaborationWhat Workplace Learning Can Look LikeTechnical Expertise Does Not Translate into Management SkillDeborah Laurel, The Peer Learning InstituteHow to Maintain a Learning Organization in a PandemicHow Managers Can Stop Losing New HiresWhen a Fix-It Mindset Doesn’t Work12 Qualities of a Good ManagerPeer Learning and Post-Covid-19 Values TransformationDon't Live with the Consequences of Poor Managers!The Power of PeersEmployee Engagement- More than a ProgramUpskill Managers or Risk Your Bottom LineSoft Skills are Hard CoreThe Learning Loop and Peer Learning GroupsAccidental Managers Saved by Peer Learning GroupsSoft Skills are Hard CoreThe Learning Loop and Peer Learning GroupsAccidental Managers Saved by Peer Learning GroupsPeer Learning Groups Provide Collateral Learning60% of New Managers Fail: They Need Help!Virtual Collaboration by DesignEmployees Leave ManagersHow to Successfully Implement the 70-20-10 FrameworkThe Importance of Equality and Informality in Peer Learning GroupsCreate a Self-Organized Learning Environment with Peer Learning GroupsPeer Learning and Post-Covid-19 Values TransformationMeasuring the Success of Peer Learning GroupsVirtual Peer LearningPeer Learning Groups as Management LabsIs the Peer Learning Group Program© a Good Fit for Your Organization?The Benefits and Advantages of Peer Learning GroupsNine Ways Peer Learning Can Be Applied in Your OrganizationPhysically Distant but Connected: Learning in Virtual Peer GroupsWe Need Peer Learning Now, More Than Ever BeforeMy Mistake: Communities of Practice and Peer Learning Groups Have Much in CommonWhat Makes Peer Learning SuccessfulYes, But …. No Time, No Money… What Other Excuse Do You Have?Are Your Managers “Bad”?Practice Makes Perfect- But What If There Is NO Practice?Build a Deliberately Developmental Organization Through Peer Learning GroupsLeveraging Traditional Training with Workplace Peer LearningEight Ways to Engage Managers in Self-Directed LearningHelp Your Managers Achieve Higher States through Peer LearningIf You Want to Be A Great Manager and Leader, Slow DownThe Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety from the Bottom-UpThe Power of Peers: How Learning and Thinking Together Change the WorkplaceLearning Agile Leaders and Peer Learning GroupsBoost Performance to Increase ProfitsHow Peer Coaching Boosts Engagement in the WorkplaceCreating Mindful Managers through Peer Learning GroupsThe Ability to Learn is a Skill and Peers Can HelpThe Power of PeersLearning-Focused Leadership and Peer Learning GroupsPeer Learning Groups Resolve Management Development ChallengesThe Flow of Work and Peer Learning GroupsThe Management Development Challenge: Solve it by Building a Peer Learning and Coaching CultureHow to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive-How this one simple method can help your company retain more employeesWe’ve Already Tried Peer Learning: 7 Reasons Why It May Go Wrong and One Effective Way to Fix ThemPeer Learning Groups and Learning in the Flow of WorkMore Training at Less Cost - How Peer Learning Groups Provide More Content on a Limited BudgetThe Spacing Effect and the Peer Learning Group ModelTriple-Loop Learning and the Peer Learning Group ModelHow Peer Learning Groups Address the Six Common Training-FailsOn-Demand Learning: The Peer Learning Group ApproachThe Power of Reflective Learning Through Peer Learning GroupsLeveraging Cognitive Diversity through Peer Learning GroupsThe Four Foundational Principles of the Peer Learning Group ModelHolding Learners AccountablePeer Learning Groups versus Communities of PracticePeer Learning versus E-LearningPeer Learning Groups vs. VistageA Better Way to Managerial MasteryWhy You Learn More with Peers than with ExpertsPeer Learning and the SCARF Model- Part TwoPeer Learning and the SCARF Model- Part OnePeer Learning Groups and the Adult LearnerLearning from Failure in Peer Learning GroupsKeep It MovingLet’s Get Real!Peer Learning Groups are Organic, Natural and SustainableA Peer Learning Group: A Unique Type of Social LearningFrom Complaints to Actions: The Peer Learning Group ExperiencePeer Learning and Managing Complexity7 Ways That Peer Learning Groups Develop ManagersJust in Time Systems Training- Part TwoJust in Time Systems Training- Part OneIf You Want Employees to be Productive, Give Them What They NeedHow to Monitor Employee PerformanceHow Supervisors Ensure That Employee Training is SuccessfulDon’t Waste Your Technical Training Dollars- Lecture Does Not Build SkillsAre Your Performance Expectations Reasonable?- Part TwoYour Performance Expectations Reasonable?- Part OneThe Value of the Peer Learning Group Model©Learning for Performance: A New ParadigmReasons Why Traditional Management Training Fails- Reason #3Reasons Why Traditional Management Training Fails- Reason #2Reasons Why Traditional Management Training Fails- Reason #1How PLGs Help Managers ManageWhy Managers Don't Manage, Part ThreeWhy Managers Don't Manage, Part TwoWhy Managers Don't Manage, Part OneThe Power of Peer-to-Peer LearningRedefining Workplace Learning for the 21st CenturyBest Practices Need to be Company-SpecificSocial Sharing Has Greater Impact Than Knowledge SharingHow We Establish Psychological Safety in Peer Learning GroupsIn a Changing World, Managers Need to Create Knowledge, Not Just Share It

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