We help your managers master the critical interpersonal management skills they need so your company has a healthy bottom line.

what we do

Your employees don’t leave your company, they leave your managers

Our Peer Learning Group Program helps your managers develop the managerial and interpersonal communication skills they need to ensure the employee engagement, performance, and retention necessary for your company’s continued success.


How does a poorly trained manager affect your company?

Managers who lack management and interpersonal skills are poor managers.

The benefits of trained managers

Well-trained managers guarantee a positive bottom line

All management interactions, such as: providing direction, leading change, handling a difficult employee, giving performance feedback, resolving conflict, and building a team, require effective interpersonal management skills. Particularly as employees suffer the stress and anxiety of working remotely, they need managers who: have emotional intelligence; can control their anger and their tone of voice; can make decisions; do not play favorites; provide clear, concise, constructive and caring communication; know how to collaborate; and handle conflict and disagreements objectively and professionally.

Common complaints


“Our managers come back from training and do exactly what they’ve always done. We never see any positive change in their behavior.”


“We’re wasting a lot of money on scrap training for managers.”


How peer learning solves six common training fails

 There are six reasons why traditional management training fails.

How it works

Your managers learn through peer learning groups

Five or six of your managers who are dealing with a current management challenge participate in two 90-minute self-directed peer learning group sessions that are separated by a month of practice. They follow discussion points and review reference information provided in our materials. They leave the first session with a commitment to use a new approach to handle their challenge more effectively.

Every week during that month, your managers receive microlearning tips, check in with a peer buddy drawn from the group, and maintain a brief log of what they did, what happened, and what they learned. They know that they will be held accountable by their group when they return to report their experience during the second session at the end of the month.

The result: The managers have the competence and confidence to handle daily management challenges effectively.


Start a peer learning program

Research shows that people forget 77% OF WHAT THEY LEARNED SIX DAYS AFTER LEAVING THE CLASSROOM because it is not tied to their day-to-day work. In contrast, peer learning-based management development programs, grounded in the flow of work, help your managers learn and apply the skills they need on a daily basis to successfully engage their employees, manage their performance, and retain their talent.

Our offer

Avoid Poor Performance, Morale, and Retention

You need managers who have the training to help your company become the Best in Business, where employees want to work and perform at the highest level.

We help you structure and organize an inhouse peer learning program guaranteed to give your managers the skills to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

We identify your managers’ priority development needs. We offer over 100 skill-building management topics for their consideration. 

To set the groups up for success, we provide a virtual introduction to the peer learning group process. We provide ongoing support, which includes follow up feedback sessions as well as recommendations for monitoring and evaluation.

The Impact
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