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New Fall 2020 Programs

Take the Pain Out of Management Development

Workshop is five online sessions 8:30-10 a.m.
Registration closes on Oct. 13.

Oct. 15, 22, and 29 
Nov. 5 and 12

Cost: $295/participant, $50 off if registering 2 or more people from the same organization

Peer learning groups are an innovative alternative to traditional professional development options for managers. They allow managers to share their knowledge and experience, learn and practice new skills, create company-relevant new knowledge, and support and motivate each to better performance. And they don’t have to leave the worksite to do that.

The 2019 Learning in the Workplace Survey indicates that daily work experience and knowledge sharing are the most useful ways that managers learn on the job. The peer learning group model combines learning and working into a seamless activity that creates a learning culture and boosts productivity.

The purpose of the workshop is to promote the use of onsite, self-directed and self-managed peer learning groups for managers that result in collaborative and competent leadership teams at all levels in the organization, with a resulting positive impact on workplace performance and productivity.

Over five sessions, besides experiencing the peer learning group process itself, participants will learn about the Peer Learning Group Model, the secrets to a successful peer learning group program, how to create psychological safety in groups, and how to set up and manage a peer learning group program. Participants will leave the program with the knowledge and skill to set up and implement a peer learning group program in their organizations.

Instructors: Deborah Spring Laurel and Peter Korynski from the Peer Learning Institute.

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Course is offer through the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

university of platteville

Where: Online
Begins: Oct. 21, 2020 at 12:00 pm
Ends: Oct. 21, 2020 at 1:00 pm

Cost: $39, $50 off if registering 2 or more people from the same organization.

The 2019 Learning in the Workplace Survey indicates that the best way people learn on the job is together, by sharing their knowledge and experience. This is collaborative learning. The basic idea behind collaborative learning is that, by working together, people can learn from one another to develop their knowledge and skills. The emphasis is on achieving a common goal, whether that’s completing a task, solving a problem or designing a product.

It has been found that educational experiences that are active, social, contextual, engaging and learner-owned lead to deeper learning. Collaborative learning develops higher-level thinking, increased learner retention and a greater understanding of diverse perspectives. In only one hour, participants will experience collaborative learning for themselves, discover the key elements of collaborative learning, and discuss how collaborative learning can be used for professional development in their organizations. Join instructors Deborah Spring Laurel and Peter Korynski from the Peer Learning Institute for this interactive workshop.


  • Computer with internet connection and ability to share audio and video
  • Active participation in break-out groups and group discussions

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Course is offer through the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

university of platteville

Teaming in the Virtual World

Now that virtual work has become the new normal for organizations, there is a need to refine how we communicate and interact using digital media. We need new approaches for establishing trust, collaborating, recognizing and managing conflict, making decisions, being open and honest about failures and successes, and providing feedback. Our unique virtual 7-week peer learning program will help your teams develop new skills and behaviors and mitigate the negative effects of virtual co-working and collaborating. Using a structured dialogue approach in hour-long sessions, team members will develop a more trusting relationship with their peers, learn key skills critical for virtual team collaboration, and create operating guidelines for their virtual interactions.

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Independent but not alone

Working as a solopreneur is both liberating and challenging. You experience a sense of freedom and independence, but it comes with responsibilities and challenges that can be difficult to deal with on your own. Because you do everything alone, you need to know how to manage your time and your stress. Now that business must be handled virtually, you also need to know how to communicate and present yourself professionally during meetings over virtual platforms. Our unique virtual 7-module peer learning program will help you develop the self-management and business management skills you need to thrive in a virtual world. You will also benefit from a supportive community of individuals dealing with similar issues.

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How Can Peer Learning Help Your Company?

  • Are your top-line and bottom-line revenues not growing as much as they could be?
  • Have you noticed your business units, management, and staff are disengaged from one another and in turn are less productive?
  • Are your top performers slowing down and not reaching their full potential?

These problems are what hold most organizations back from thriving and being successful. As a leader it is your job to find a solution that will not only help boost employee performance, but also increase profits.

In order to solve these problems, leaders must learn and understand how to:

  • Build an enterprise-wide mindset of cooperation, trust and mutual support, where departments and managers effectively collaborate.
  • Create a workplace where employees actively work together as one cohesive unit to follow the organization’s vision and achieve its goals.
  • Develop top-performing employees for executive management and leadership roles.
  • Cultivate an environment where people thrive day-in and day-out with a larger sense of purpose at every level of the organization.

The only way to gain a competitive advantage in today’s volatile world is to the win the “inner game” of your managers and employees. This requires the right program with the right tool to create an effective, long-lasting support system for change throughout every level of your organization.

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