Would Your Organization Benefit from a Peer Learning Group Program?

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The Peer Learning Group Program© of The Peer Learning Institute builds management skills that increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Here are key indicators to help you determine if it will benefit your company and key requirements to ensure it will be a success.

Key Indicators

□          You are experiencing decreased employee engagement, productivity, and/or retention in certain management areas.

These are indications that those managers lack sufficient interpersonal and management skills. The Peer Learning Group Program© offers over 100 modules that build skills in all areas of management.

□          Your managers have difficulty working well together as a team.

Participation in the Peer Learning Group Program© will strengthen their working relationships and develop a more supportive and collaborative team.

□          Your managers choose not to share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

The Peer Learning Group Program© is structured to ensure that organizational history and personal expertise are shared to benefit all participants.

□          You fill management positions by promotion.

New managers who are promoted due to their technical expertise or high sales volume have very different skill sets than the interpersonal and management ski they need. Participation in the Peer Learning Group Program© will help them gain the necessary skills.

□          Current management development programs fail to result in positive behavioral changes in the participants.

The Peer Learning Group Program© includes a month of reinforced practice, after which the managers are held accountable to report their results to their peer learning group. This ensures immediate, observable, and positive behavioral changes.

Key Requirements

□          Your organization has at least 4 managers.

That is a sufficient number to form a peer learning group and begin the Peer Learning Group Program©.

□          You have a professional development budget for your managers.

The Peer Learning Group Program© is inexpensive and cost-effective. Once a module is purchased, it is yours to use as often as you like.

□          You can commit to provide support to your managers who participate in the Peer Learning Group Program©.

The Peer Learning Group Program© is self-managed, but it requires support from top management to make sure that the participants feel that they can meet and freely implement their newly learned skills in the daily operations of your organization.

If your organization shows any of the key indicators and meets all three of the key requirements, schedule a mutually convenient time to discuss this with Deb Laurel: https://bit.ly/314ztux

Deborah Laurel, Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder, The Peer Learning Institute

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