Managers Have Been Left to Sink or Swim

According to a “Global Generations” study by Ernst & Young, approximately half of US managers with over 10 years’ experience have never received management training.


This is due in part to the assumption that the expertise of technical experts, senior staff, star performers, and employees who have racked up great sales translates into the knowledge, skill, and disposition to manage others.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Management skills are very different and the difficult decisions a manager must make are often not comfortable for new and even seasoned managers. Conducting performance evaluations, taking disciplinary action, and holding employees accountable can be occasions of great stress for both the manager and the employees. Delegation, motivation, team building, and coaching may not come easily or naturally.

These are skills that can be learned, either through the school of hard knocks or through targeted management training. Only one of these options provides the support that managers need- and ensures that best practices are learned.

Contact me for a brief white paper: Why Managers Don’t Manage- and How to Help Them.


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