Why Management Training is a Priority

The Great Resignation may have your organization scrambling to fill vacant positions and that is a priority. It is also a priority to make sure that your new hires get the training they need so they can perform their new duties.

An Overlooked Priority

However, there is another priority that should be kept in mind. Your managers are the ones who are dealing with the breakdown of teams when employees resign. Your managers are the ones who need to keep productivity up with less staff in a way that doesn’t burn out either the staff or the managers. Your managers are the ones who provide daily one-on-one training and coaching. Your managers are the ones trying to figure out how to handle a hybrid workforce and keep communication open and team members collaborating.

Your employees are anxious and stressed by the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. Your managers are doubly anxious and stressed because the responsibility for keeping your company afloat ultimately lies on their shoulders.

Your Managers Need Skills and Support

Your managers need skills and support now more than ever. They need a psychologically safe place to vent and share their concerns and fears. They need encouragement and reinforcement from their peers as they all navigate unknown waters.

Your new managers need to be able to tap into the organizational knowledge and history held by more seasoned managers. Your seasoned managers need to be able to learn from the perspectives and experiences of new managers. Both new and seasoned managers share a need to learn how to handle current disruptive management challenges.

The Answer

Peer learning groups can provide your managers with the opportunity to discuss their challenges in a confidential setting and help each other learn how to apply new techniques to effectively meet those challenges. Peer learning groups promote collaborative learning, which creates a much stronger management team and tears down siloes.

Peer learning groups provide a more learning-retentive approach than classroom, virtual, or microlearning sessions. This is because the peer learning groups will hold your managers accountable for immediately applying what they have learned, with weekly reinforcement for an entire month.

Please do not leave your managers out in the cold, trying to figure out how to handle Covid-induced management issues on their own. Help them learn what they need to do in a psychologically safe environment. Support them with peer learning groups.

Visit https://www.peerlearninginstitute.com to learn how peer learning groups can help your managers.

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