Nine Ways Peer Learning Can Be Applied in Your Organization

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There are at least nine ways in which using the Peer Learning Group Model© can enhance the performance of your managers and add value to your organization:

  1. A stand-alone professional development program

This is the core and original application of the Model© as a stand-alone approach to professional development and performance improvement through self-directed and self-managed peer learning.

  1. A tool for offsite management retreats

Peer learning groups can be the basis for organizing learning and sharing during retreats and can be continued after the retreat.

  1. A part of regular monthly management meetings

If your managers meet regularly, peer learning groups could be added as a way of structured learning and sharing to enhance their professional development.

  1. An in-house mini MBA program

The Peer Learning Group Model© encompasses over 80 most common management challenges and can be used an in-house peer-supported mini MBA program based on the context and needs of your organization.

  1. An extension of other management development programs

The Peer Learning Group Model© can make the knowledge acquired through traditional training (classroom or e-learning) applicable to your organization by allowing the participants to mold the new knowledge to the needs and the context of your workplace.

  1. A reinforcement of the off-site training programs

Managers returning from off-site training can organize peer learning groups with other managers who did not take part in the training, and use the group meetings as an effective way of knowledge transfer into your organization.

7.  As additional support for individual coaching for your managers.

For those managers who benefit from executive coaching, the Model© offers an opportunity to practice and implement techniques they learn through individual coaching, and to make these techniques available to the whole organization

  1. As an introduction for new employees to your organizational culture.

New employees or managers can be introduced to your organization through participation in a Peer Learning Group. This will enable them to learn the history and culture of your organization, while allowing the other members to get a fresh contribution from the newcomers.

  1. As a virtual support group for managers or employees who are associated with your organization but are not a part of regular staff.

The Model© can be used a vehicle for creating support and connecting your associates (such as your franchise operators or agents) who are not a part of your regular staff, yet who are critical to the business success of your organization.

For more information about the Peer Learning Group Model© schedule a mutually convenient time to talk with one of our training specialists using this link:

Peter Korynski, Chief Program Officer, The Peer Learning Institute

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