Management Benefits With Peer Learning Groups

Peer learning groups help managers get the skills they need to increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention. They are easy to set up and schedule just-in-time when managers are faced with a specific management challenge and want to learn how to handle it.

Managers have found that participating in peer learning groups has made a positive difference in both their ability to manage and their relationship with the other members of their management team.

They have identified five key benefits:

  1. Gaining a more thoughtful focus on specific skills and techniques.

In Session One, they assess what didn’t work in addressing the management challenge, look at root causes, consider and select alternative techniques. During a month of practice, they keep a weekly log that reflects on what they did, what happened, and what they learned from the experience. In Session Two, they reflect and report on their practice using the alternative techniques.

  1. Having accountability and deliberate follow-through.

The managers check-in on a weekly basis with another member of the group. They also know their group will hold them accountable when they reconvene.

  1. Increasing their competency and confidence.

They build their skill sets by putting what they learned into immediate use. They receive weekly reinforcement through microlearning tips, resource tips, the check-in with a peer buddy, and their log. They have the support and encouragement of their group members.

  1. Learning from their peer group members.

In Session One, they share their knowledge and experience and assess the alternative responses to the management challenge in terms of what will be most effective in their organizational culture. In Session Two, they learn from each other’s practice experience.

  1. Gaining stronger relationships with their peer group.

The orientation to the peer learning group process establishes trust and psychological safety among the group members. In their group, they learn from and with each other and support each other in a collaborative process that lowers siloes and builds a stronger management team.

Poor managers can do irreparable damage to their working relationships with their peers, their employees, and their customers when they: lack emotional intelligence, cannot control their anger or their tone of voice, can’t make decisions, don’t delegate, play favorites, communicate poorly, don’t know how to collaborate, or don’t handle conflict or disagreements objectively or professionally.

Peer learning groups are an effective way to ensure your managers have the skills they need. Contact Deborah Laurel.

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