A Wise Management Development Choice

The Problem: Traditional management development lacks results.

The Reasons:

  1. The programs provide general knowledge without direct and reinforced application on the job.
  2. Managers perceive that self-organized and self-managed forms of learning are more useful than traditional classroom training.
  3. Research has found that 70% of learning comes from experience, experimentation and reflection, not the classroom.

The Solution: A peer learning group program that is results-oriented, cost-effective, and simple to set up.

What It Is: A peer learning group is a group of managers who learn with and from each other in a self-directed and self-managed process.

Why It Works: The Peer Learning Group Model  works because it deals with current problems and challenges faced by managers, right where they face them.

When It’s Used: Organizations that use peer learning for leadership growth have 36% more net revenue per employee, 9% higher gross margin, and are 4.6 times more likely to anticipate and respond effectively to change.

How It Works: In our Peer Learning Group Model, managers share their experience, build their knowledge and skills, and bond with their peers. It is self-directed and onsite so there is no need for an outside facilitator or travel. There are Peer Learning Institute materials that guide the managers through a module, which has a 2-session learning format. Each session is only 90 minutes and held one month apart. During the month between sessions, the managers are held accountable for putting what they have learned into immediate practice.

The Choice:

A professional management development program that takes considerable time and energy to set up; has an enormous cost associated with it; and offers, for many reasons, very little return on investment.


An onsite, self-directed, and cost-effective peer learning group where managers learn from each other, validate their experience, build more expertise, and learn practical management techniques that they use immediately.

Contact Deborah Laurel if your company is ready to build just-in-time management skills to ensure that you meet your goals.

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