Is the Peer Learning Group Program© a Good Fit for Your Organization?

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In principle, YES, the Peer Learning Group Program© can be used by organizations of all sizes and structures. But here are a few questions that may help you determine the fit and best use of the program in your company:

□          Does your organization have at least 4 managers?

If yes, they can form a small peer learning group. If you have more managers, you can organize them into groups of up to 6 people.

□          Do your managers work together as a team?

If yes, the managers can start using the Peer Learning Group Program©. If not, they may want to get to know and trust each other. We have created an introductory session Learning Together to facilitate this process.

□          Do you have a training or professional development budget for your managers?

The Peer Learning Group Program© is inexpensive and cost-effective, so even small companies can afford the program.

□          Do you observe a trusting and supportive relations between the members of your management team?

If yes, the Peer Learning Group Program© will capitalize on these supportive relations. If not, it will help your managers learn to trust and support each other.

□          Do you see differences in the performance between your managers?

If there are significant performance differences and approaches to similar situations, the Peer Learning Group Program© will help to ensure consistency among the team members. If your managers operate in a fairly similar way, the Peer Learning Group Program© will allow your managers to go deeper in their approaches and broaden their skills.

□          Can you ensure that your managers can meet regularly once a month?

It is critical that the peer learning group meets regularly, at least once per month to maintain momentum and ensure learning.

□          Can you commit to provide support to your managers who participate in the peer learning group sessions?

Although the peer learning group is self-managed and self-organized, it requires support from top management to make sure that the participants feel that they can meet and freely implement their newly learned skills in the daily operations in your organization.

□          Do your managers engage in learning and sharing their experiences with others?

If yes, this is a great starting point for the peer learning group to be effective. If peer learning and sharing is weaker, the Peer Learning Group Program© will create a safe space for working and learning together.

If your organization meets the criteria, schedule a mutually convenient time to discuss this with our learning specialists:

Peter Korynski, Chief Program Officer, The Peer Learning Institute

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