Employees Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Managers

The fourth quarter production figures were in, and they didn’t look good. Joseph, the CEO of Granier Inc., wasn’t happy. Apparently, neither were his employees, based on employee survey responses and the amount of turnover the company had experienced.

During exit interviews, managers were often cited as the reason for leaving the company.

Many of his managers had been recently promoted from technical jobs. They had assumed their responsibilities without any management training. It was clear that they lacked management skills since productivity, retention, and employee morale were lower than acceptable.

Joseph knew he had to do something. He had heard that The Peer Learning Institute had helped turn around other companies, increasing their gross margins up to 9%. Their approach to management development also lowered silos and resulted in much stronger and more collaborative management teams. He brought them in.

The Institute met with Joseph to discuss his concerns. They surveyed the managers to identify their current key challenges. Joseph prioritized the managers’ top list of challenges. Then the Institute formed peer learning groups of 4-5 managers to focus on one topic at a time.

Joseph could see the managers’ skills develop as they practiced what they learned for a month. He appreciated the fact that the managers received weekly reinforcement through microlearning tips, check-ins with a peer buddy, and maintenance of a brief log. He also appreciated that their group members held them accountable for using their newly learned techniques.

Every two months, the managers worked on a different skill set to meet an identified management challenge. As the managers gained communication, delegation, performance management, motivation, and team-building skills and techniques, employee morale began to improve. Productivity went up. Turnover went down.

By the end of the second quarter, Granier Inc. saw 36% more net revenue per employee.

Joseph was very pleased.


We can’t promise the exact same results for your company, but we can come close. Contact Deborah Laurel to explore how The Peer Learning Institute could make a positive difference to your company’s bottom line.

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