Eight Successful Recruiting Strategies Taken from Marketing


  1. Define your employer brand. The heart of it is your employee value proposition: the story of what your company offers its people in exchange for their time and talents.
  2. Target your audience. The first question in marketing is, Who are we trying to reach? The second is, What do they want? What type of person is perfect for your open position? What are their pain points or unmet career needs? What do they value? What media do they use to search for job opportunities?
  3. Create content that showcases your employer brand. What’s one blog post you can write this week or what stories showcase your employer brand and who’s the best person to tell that story on camera? Which workspaces or other locations should be highlighted in a video that will appeal to the candidates you want to attract?
  4. Tap into the power of search marketing. Search marketing means making sure that search engines consider your content- blog posts, employer branding videos- relevant.What specific phrases can you add to job descriptions that will bring in more potential applicants? What are your ideal candidates looking for in a job title? Do your job descriptions speak to the needs of your candidates?
  5. Get social. Keep posts brief, consistent and interactive, with links to information your ideal candidates will find useful. How can you use social media to promote your employer brand? Which social platforms do your ideal candidates use the most? Which platforms are working, and which ones aren’t?
  6. Nurture passive candidates into active ones. Actively search for and build relationships with top talent who may not be looking for a new job-yet. Who are the top candidates in your database? Can you reach out to them about openings that connect with their skills and interests? Does your company have an effective employee referral program? Can you find and promote great talent in-house?
  7. Update your candidate experience. The application process is a reflection of your employer brand. And make sure your application forms are mobile friendly. Is your application process long and overbearing? Do you ask the same questions multiple times? Is your application process mobile-friendly?
  8. Convert engaged candidates into motivated new hires. The first 90 days of employment are crucial in turning a new hire into a productive team member. Do you have an effective onboarding process? What do recent hires most wish they’d known in their first month? How can you introduce new hires into your company culture?

Deborah Laurel, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, The Peer Learning Institute

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