The Benefits and Advantages of Peer Learning Groups

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The Peer Learning Institute helps organizations develop their management capability and increase performance using structured peer learning groups in the workplace.

Peer learning groups are easy to set up and scale up and serve as an in-company catalyst for building leadership and organizational capacity that achieves immediate business impact:

  • Results are immediately relevant and applicable to the organization
  • Effort and cost of professional development for managers is reduced
  • Performance is increased through more effective skills and behaviors
  • Tacit knowledge and skills of the peers are shared and used broadly
  • Organizational culture becomes more open and collaborative

Our peer learning groups:

  1. Follow a unique learning cycle that is informed by neuroscience.
  2. Focus on real workplace issues in the context of the organization.
  3. Provide a background and a framework for discussion but do not prescribe the content of that discussion.
  4. Draw from the wisdom and knowledge of the managers.
  5. Create a safe psychological space for the managers to learn and grow.
  6. Offer an opportunity for a confidential conversation.
  7. Foster experimentation and application of new skills and knowledge.
  8. Are self-directed, avoiding the need for an outside facilitator who does not know the history or the culture of the organization.
  9. Ensure that all of the managers are involved in the discussion, so they understand and feel comfortable with the new techniques.
  10. Build teamwork by obliging the managers to create a safe and trusting environment so they can collaborate on examining a problem, exploring an idea, and developing a solution.
  11. Require that managers test out new management techniques with the assistance of mutually-minded peers and the support of upper management.
  12. Guarantee that the right managers receive the right knowledge and skills at the right time.

Organizations that use peer learning for leadership growth have 36% more net revenue per employee, 9% higher gross margin and are 4.6 times more likely to anticipate and respond effectively to change. If you would like to join them, schedule a mutually convenient contact with our learning specialists using this link:

Deborah Laurel, Chief Learning Officer, The Peer Learning Institute

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