The Value of the Peer Learning Group Model©

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The Peer Learning Group Model© is an innovative, self-directed and self-managed professional development opportunity for managers that uses a peer-to-peer group approach. It validates and builds on the knowledge and  skills of the group members on topics that matter most for their performance and success in the workplace. It meets onsite on the managers’ schedule.

Peer learning brings tangible results to organizations. Companies that use on-site peer learning groups for their managers have 36% more net revenue per employee, 9% higher gross margin, and are 4.5 times more responsive to change!

The power of peer learning and value of the Peer Learning Group Model© manifests itself on several levels:

  • Individual Level


  • Share their knowledge
  • Discover their innate capabilities
  • Gain new skills
  • Broaden their experience
  • Develop new knowledge
  • Test new ways of doing things
  • Feel validated and appreciated
  • Contribute to the group / team

Team Level

Team members experience:

  • Improved teamwork
  • Stronger bonding and collaboration
  • Greater peer support
  • More frank and open discussions
  • New learning needs identified
  • Blueprint for problem solving
  • Knowledge and skills valued

Organizational Level

Organizations benefit from:

  • Organizational development initiatives linked
  • Increased business unit performance
  • Stronger employee engagement
  • Better employee retention
  • Agility and resilience in response to operational and strategic challenges
  • Lower costs for professional development

The Peer Learning Group Model© provides these tangible benefits for the organization. It also increases the intangible assets that emerge from collaboration: the inner knowledge and creation of new knowledge that is relevant for and grounded in the context of the organization.

The Peer Learning Institute©

The Peer Learning Institute© provides support for organizations to implement the Peer Learning Group Model© to engage their managers, increase their abilities to manage and lead, and to increase the organization’s response to the increasing complexity of doing business.

In reflection,

Peter Korynski

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