How Managers Can Keep New Hires

The New Hire Experience

Imagine that you’re a new hire. You come to your first day without knowing where to go or who to see- and you’re left alone for the entire day. This is what 40% of new hires experience.

Now imagine that you have to wait a week to get a workstation and the tools to do your job- and no one supports you during that week. 43% of new hires endure this reality.

How welcome or valued would you feel?

It’s not surprising that 20% of new hires leave within the first 45 days.

Onboarding Steps

The onboarding process needs to be better, and managers need to accept their responsibility to make it better. They should:

Before the first day:

  1. Announce the new hire to the team. Provide information about the new employee’s role and experience. Encourage the team to welcome the new hire.
  2. Set up the employee’s workstation. Make sure the computer, email, phone, office supplies, and access to all programs are in place.
  3. Ensure the employee knows where to go, what to do, and who to see on the first day.

On the first day:

  1. Welcome the employee, introduce them to the team, orient them to the building, settle them in at their workstation, and explain their job and expectations.
  2. Introduce the new employee to key people and departments. Help the employee know where to go to get what they need and understand how their position fits in the organizational structure.

During the first week:

  1. Schedule an informal team get-together during or after work. Create a relaxed environment where the new hire can get to know the other employees and feel part of the team.
  2. Provide training. Discuss the organization’s mission, rules, policies, and procedures. Build job skills and assign an employee to support the new employee as they perform their new assignments.

During the next three months:

  1. Check-in frequently. Follow up on current assignments and challenges and discuss the onboarding process to discover what worked and what might need to be changed.

Just-in-Time Onboarding Skills

It is up to managers to have and implement an onboarding plan that will help new employees feel welcome, valued, and set up for success.

If your managers need just-in-time onboarding skills, consider setting up an in-house peer learning group. A 90-minute session can save you the thousands of dollars it costs to refill positions. Contact Deb Laurel.

Question: How does your organization help new hires feel glad they accepted their positions?

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