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What is The Peer Learning Institute?   The Peer Learning Institute is an innovative management development consulting firm that uses a proprietary peer learning group process to provide just-in-time skills to managers in the same organization who face a shared management challenge.

Why was it created? The Peer Learning Institute was created to address the development needs of middle managers, who are often promoted from technical positions without the training and skills necessary to be successful.

What are peer learning groups? Peer learning groups are groups of 3-5 managers from the same organization who are at the same level of authority and share a current management challenge. The managers learn from each other, validate their experience, build more expertise, and learn practical management techniques that they use immediately.

How is the composition of a peer learning group determined? It is essential that the members of a peer learning group have come together voluntarily because they recognize they need new skills to handle a current shared management situation. The Peer Learning Institute conducts a digital survey of the managers to determine their skill needs. The managers join the peer learning group established to address the skill need relevant to them.

What is the proprietary peer learning group process? The proprietary Peer Learning Group Model is structured in three main stages. In Session 1, the managers share their knowledge and experience and learn new techniques. Between Sessions 1 and 2, the managers practice using techniques they learned during Session 1. In Session 2, they reflect on their practice experience and plan how to continue to use what they’ve learned.

If your managers are having difficulty (e.g. managing a hybrid workforce, delegating, or managing employee performance), The Peer Learning Institute can help. Contact Deborah Laurel for more information.

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