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Reinventing Management Development

The Peer Learning Institute helps organizations develop their management capability and increase performance using structured peer learning groups in the workplace. Peer learning groups are easy to set up and scale up and serve as an in-company catalyst for building leadership and organizational capacity that achieves immediate business impact.

Peer Learning Blog

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The Flow of Work and Peer Learning Groups

The latest learning and development concept is learning in the flow of work. “Work is learning and learning is the work.” Harold Jarche Learning in the Flow of Work What[…]

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Management Development

The Management Development Challenge: Solve it by Building a Peer Learning and Coaching Culture

Management Development Challenge Managers are made, not born. Developing strong managers requires identifying employees with management potential, evaluating the need for performance improvement in specific areas and providing skill building[…]

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive-How this one simple method can help your company retain more employees

Do you see lots of turnover? Are you worried about losing valued employees? What is going to keep them happy and productive? According to a Gallup survey, 50% of employees[…]

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