CliftonStrengths® for Remote Teams
2 Sessions: May 28 and June 11; June 4 and 18

Business Re-Engineering Workshop
June 23

Peer Learning Workshop
June 17, 24
July 1, 8, 15, 22

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Teamwork and innovation have always been the keys to efficiency and profitability — and that’s especially true now. Unlock the tools to help your company adapt and thrive with Seizing Success!, our summer online workshop series.

Each workshop has content tailored to navigate the new business environment. You will learn to identify and build on the strengths of your team, improve performance and productivity, and employ proven restructuring methods to increase both revenue and morale.

This workshop gave me insight into our team dynamics and helped me understand my teammates’ perspectives. This will help strengthen our team, especially as we get used to remote working.


Share, Learn, Grow: How to Boost Management Effectiveness 

Peer learning groups are an innovative alternative
to traditional professional development options
for managers. They allow managers to share their knowledge and experience, learn and practice new skills, create company-relevant new knowledge, and support and motivate each to better performance. And they don’t have to leave the worksite to do that. 

SESSION: June 17, 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22
COST: $295/person; $147.50/each for 2 or more

Learning Objectives

  • Over six sessions, participants will learn about the Peer Group Learning Mode.
  • Promote the use of onsite, self-directed and self-managed peer learning groups for managers that result in collaborative and competent leadership teams at all levels in the organization.
  • Learn the secrets to a successful peer learning group program, how to create psychological safety in groups, and how to set up and manage a peer learning group program.
  • Participants will leave the program with the knowledge and skill to set up and implement a peer learning group program in their organizations.


For over 20 years, teams have been using CliftonStrengths® to improve teamwork and maximize their potential. Now more than ever, understanding your teammates’ strengths and how to get the best out of each of us is a crucial advantage for high performing organizations. This will be a hands-on, interactive workshop to explore how CliftonStrengths® can be applied to improve remote team performance.

SESSION: May 28 and June 11 OR June 4 and 18
COST: $149/person; $74.50/each for 2 or more
(CliftonStrengths test included)

Learning Objectives

  • How to identify your talents and turn them into strengths.
  • Use your talents to improve your effectiveness.
  • Understand and use each team member’s talents to improve the functioning and effectiveness of your remote team.


Most of our organizations are facing severe challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many will need to radically change their operations and/or business models to maintain competitiveness. But where to start? How to re-structure? How do we accomplish more with fewer employees? How do we attract talent to our rural companies? Business Process
Re-Engineering has proven approaches and methods that can be tailored to your business and its leaders. It allows you to turn crisis into opportunity with breathtaking benefits in cost, revenue, schedule and employee morale and commitment.

SESSION: June 23
COST: $120/person; $60/each for 2 or more

Learning Objectives

  • How to think about the radical redesign of business processes to dramatically exceed business performance goals of the past, not by 10–20%, but by 70–90%.
  • Review successful approaches to galvanizing and empowering your workforce to attract new talent and put employee retention at 95% or better.
  • Learn how the job roles of workers and managers changed along with the compensation system that supported them.
  • Meet real companies, big and small, that reinvented their businesses to meet crisis head-on.