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Managers today face many challenges: from dealing with difficult employees and resolving conflict to engaging their teams to increase productivity, and many others. The Peer Learning Institute topics are brief but powerful just-in-time learning tools that build practical skills that managers can immediately and successfully put to use.

Being a Manager

Developing Feedforward Skills: Participants will learn how to feedforward instead of giving feedback.

Don’t Jump to Quick Conclusions!: Participants will learn to ask questions to understand what is behind the obvious, instead of providing quick, easy solutions to complicated situations, to start solving the real issue or problem.…

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Being Creative

Lightening Up for Creative Management: Participants will experience different techniques that move thinking into an open, more creative mode for more effective problem solving and decision-making.

Managing Creativity: Participants will learn how to create a workplace that fosters and supports creativity and innovation.…


Beyond Small Talk- Part One: Participants will learn how to recognize and move between four different levels of communication.

Beyond Small Talk- Part Two: Participants will learn five skills that create a results-generating dialogue.

Communicating Non-Defensively: Participants will learn the five skills of non-defensive communication.…

Dealing with Pressure

How to Spring the Time Trap – Part One: Participants will analyze what invests them in poor time management behaviors.

How to Spring the Time Trap – Part Two: Participants will learn time management tricks, such as the “Swiss cheese approach” to large projects.…


Avoiding Upward Delegation: Participants will learn three key steps to stop upward delegation and get employees to take responsibility for more of their own decisions.

Feeling Comfortable with Delegation – Part One: Participants will learn how to use the six degrees of delegated decision-making authority.…

Developing Staff

Coaching for Performance: Participants will learn a five-stage coaching model.

Developing Your Staff: Participants will learn various staff development options on the job, in the organization and outside of the organization.

Grooming New Supervisors: Participants will learn about support options that can help a new supervisor be effective.…

Developing the Organization

Creating a Culture of Openness: Participants will learn four ways that leaders can build a culture of trust and openness.

Managing Office Politics: Participants will learn seven ways to use office politics in a positive manner.

Using Appreciative Inquiry for Strategic Planning: Participants will learn the stages in the appreciative inquiry dialogue process that result in enthusiastic sharing, community building, and commitment generation.…

Management Development

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Applying Diversity: Participants will learn five strategies for promoting diversity in the workplace.

Beware of Your Biases: Participants will learn seven simple methods to fight against their unconscious biases.

Bridging the Generation Gap: Participants will learn about the four different generational cultures in the worksite, so they can decode generational miscommunications.…

Engaging People

Addressing Employee Silence: Participants will learn to recognize and address four different types of employee silence to ensure open and honest communication.

Building Psychological Safety in the Workplace: Participants will learn how to use the steps to creating psychological safety in the workplace.…


Applying the Five Levels of Leadership: Participants will learn John C. Maxwell’s five levels of leadership and how to move upwards through them.

Recognizing Your Personal Leadership Style: Participants will determine their leadership style and learn how and when it is most effective.…