The Power of Peers: How Learning and Thinking Together Change the Workplace

Great Expectations Suzy Aldaine is a brilliant aspiring manager and well-respected information technology engineer who is taking on increasing responsibility for complex projects and multiple teams. Because of her new responsibility, Suzy was elated when she was sent to the prestigious senior management training at the leading business school. For a week, she immersed herself […]

Learning Agile Leaders and Peer Learning Groups

Learning agility Learning agility is defined as the ability and willingness to learn from experience and then apply that learning to perform successfully in new situations. According to the Center of Creative Leadership, in times of change, leaders need to be more agile than ever. Adapting to new business strategies, working across cultures, dealing with […]

Boost Performance to Increase Profits

Improved performance has a direct positive impact on business profits. However, according to the COM-B model, individuals will not improve their performance behavior unless three factors are present: the capability, the opportunity and the motivation to perform at a different or higher level. Capability is the knowledge, skills and abilities to engage in the behavior. […]

How Peer Coaching Boosts Engagement in the Workplace

“External motivation is a form of control.” –Edward Deci Have you ever wondered why we do not have to motivate children to play and we spend a lot of time and effort to motivate employees to perform? The answer may lie in what psychologists call ‘intrinsic motivation’. Intrinsic Motivation Intrinsic motivation occurs when we act […]

Creating Mindful Managers through Peer Learning Groups

mindful managers

You do not have to master the art of meditation and sit still for hours to have mindful managers and leaders or to experience positive changes in your life. There are other ways to do that. Noticing: The Gateway to Mindfulness Ellen Langer, a renowned psychologist from Harvard who has studied mindfulness for decades, has shown […]

The Ability to Learn is a Skill and Peers Can Help

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“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”  Brian Herbert Searchlight Intelligence for Business Success Acquiring knowledge and skills, although recognized as the driving force behind competitive advantage, proves to be difficult. Traditional methods, such as sending managers to off-site generic training […]

The Power of Peers

Organizations need to re-engineer learning from the inside-out, with the main driver being the knowledge of the current employees. The outside-in approach should be reserved for special cases. This calls for a new paradigm in organizational learning.

Learning-Focused Leadership and Peer Learning Groups

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“We can’t write off the danger of complacency, growing rigidity, imprisonment by our own comfortable habits and opinions.” John W. Gardner Complacency kills organizations: their ability to be agile, compete and transform to meet emergent challenges. It is easy to get stuck in processes, budgets, and systems, etc. and get comfortable with “what is.” Yet […]

Peer Learning Groups Resolve Management Development Challenges

There are seven challenges in management development that individually and collectively have a negative impact on the return on training investment. Peer learning groups can solve all seven challenges. #1: Lack of Time A peer learning group is considerate of managers’ time constraints. It is scheduled at their convenience, when they need it, for a […]

The Flow of Work and Peer Learning Groups

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The latest learning and development concept is learning in the flow of work. “Work is learning and learning is the work.” Harold Jarche Learning in the Flow of Work What are we talking about? As employees do their jobs, a question or problem may arise. Then, the same way many of us turn to Google […]