How it works

The two-session module framework consistently follows the same peer learning and sharing structure, regardless of the topic:

Session 1: Exploration. The ninety minutes of the first session of a module are allocated as follows:

Welcome and Introduction (3 minutes)
The facilitating member welcomes everyone, reads through the agenda and learning objectives and explains his or her facilitative role.

Problem Identification (20 minutes)
Each member shares a story about the topic. This story may be based on a personal experience or an observation of how some other manager handled the situation.

Problem Clarification (15 minutes)
The members discuss the situations that have been described. They work together to determine the root causes of the situations so they can identify what is within their control to address.

Option Generation (25 minutes)
Referring to the facilitator guide, the facilitating member assists with a group review and discussion of the reference resources, job aids, worksheets, and/or case studies in the module workbook and a video if there is one. The reference resources and video provide additional knowledge about the topic and alternative options for addressing it.

Preparation for Practice (15 minutes)
Working independently, each member prepares to practice a strategy learned in the group and then gives a brief summary to the group.

Expectation for Session 2 (2 minutes)
The facilitating member points out the practice report worksheet the members should complete and bring to Session 2.

Valuation (10 minutes)
Each member reports his or her key takeaway from the session.

Practice: Application. The members each experiment with one strategy learned during Session 1. They complete a practice report worksheet on their experience to bring to Session 2.

Session 2: Reflection. The ninety minutes of the second session of each module are allocated as follows:

Welcome and Introduction (5)
A different member of the group assumes the facilitative role, welcoming everyone back, and reading through the agenda and learning objectives.

Report, or Evaluation (40 minutes)
Each member is allocated equal time to give a report on: (1) what went well, (2) what didn’t go well, and (3) what was learned during their practice of strategies learned in Session 1.

Resolution (30 minutes)
The members discuss the practice results to reach a conclusion regarding effective uses of the newly learned strategies.

Valuation and Appreciation (15 minutes)
The members report how they plan to adjust their management approach based on the module. They may discuss the next issue they want to address. The session closes by having each member draw aside and thank other members whose input and insight were useful to the member.

Post-Session: Adjustment. The members adjust their management approach by putting into practice one or more of the newly learned strategies from the peer learning group to handle similar situations.

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