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Managers today face many challenges: from dealing with difficult employees and resolving conflict to engaging their teams to increase productivity, and many others. The Peer Learning Institute topics are brief but powerful just-in-time learning tools that build practical skills that managers can immediately and successfully put to use.

Building Consensus on Sticky Issues

Target Audience: Managers who have been unable to satisfactorily lead to group to make a decision concerning a sensitive or controversial issue- and currently have a controversial issue that requires a group decision. Challenge: “Although a decision had to be made, the group would not stop arguing to listen to each other, even for a…
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Coaching Employees for Success

Target Audience: Managers who have been frustrated because their efforts to coach an employee were ineffective. Challenge: “I’ve got a poor performer and I’ve been coaching him forever. We meet, I tell him what he needs to do, he nods his head and I think he’s gotten the message. But the next time I observe…
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Conducting a Performance Appraisal Interview

Target Audience: Managers who have difficulty with conducting performance appraisal interviews. Challenge: “I hate giving performance appraisal interviews. They’re uncomfortable for me because the employees immediately become defensive. When I give what I consider to be constructive feedback, the employees claim I’m being unfair because other employees aren’t being held accountable for the same behaviors.…
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Converting Conflict into Collaboration

Target Audience: Managers who have difficulty satisfactorily resolving interpersonal conflicts. Challenge: “I’ve had an ongoing feud with another manager for many years. Neither of us has anything even remotely good to say about the other. We can barely tolerate sitting in the same meetings. With that history between us, we can’t resolve any issues because…
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Creating a Positive Work Environment

Target Audience: Managers who have inherited negative work environments with poor employee morale. Challenge: “Even I get depressed when I walk into our department. There is none of that energy and enthusiasm I’ve seen in other departments. Teamwork is nonexistent and I continually have to mediate conflicts between my employees. I keep losing staff left…
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Developing Your Staff

Target Audience: Managers who have had difficulty helping employees develop knowledge and skills beyond their current job responsibilities. Challenge: “I know that one of my employees is anxious to learn how to perform more complex responsibilities. The fact that there is no money in the department budget for training frustrates both of us. Even if…
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Feeling Comfortable with Delegation

Target Audience: Managers who have difficulty delegating authority to their staff. Challenge: “The very idea of delegating responsibilities to my employees makes me deeply uncomfortable. If I assign a task, I immediately lose control over how well or how poorly the task is performed. Since I’m ultimately responsible for the result, I don’t want to…
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Getting to the Root of Problems

Target Audience: Managers who have had bad experiences coming up with solutions that were ineffective and possibly made the initial problems worse. Challenge: “It’s a nightmare! We discussed the problem and made a decision regarding how to resolve it. But when we implemented the solution, it didn’t solve the initial problem and it ended up…
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Grooming New Supervisors

Target Audience: Managers who have had new supervisors who did not seem able to perform their supervisory responsibilities. Challenge: “We spend a lot of time recruiting to fill supervisor positions and we like to promote from within whenever we can. The problem is that many of our new supervisors are new to supervision. They have…
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Helping Employees Buy-In to Changes

Target Audience: Managers who have had difficulty implementing changes because theywere unable to gain employee buy-in to those changes- and who  are faced with a current need to implement new change initiatives. Challenge: “We need to change our procedures to streamline our operations, butalthough I sent my employees to training in the new procedures, they…
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