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Feeling Comfortable with Delegation

Target Audience: Managers who have difficulty delegating authority to their staff. Challenge: “The very idea of delegating responsibilities to my employees makes me deeply uncomfortable. If I assign a task, I immediately lose control over how well or how poorly the task is performed. Since I’m ultimately responsible for the result, I don’t want to…
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Getting to the Root of Problems

Target Audience: Managers who have had bad experiences coming up with solutions that were ineffective and possibly made the initial problems worse. Challenge: “It’s a nightmare! We discussed the problem and made a decision regarding how to resolve it. But when we implemented the solution, it didn’t solve the initial problem and it ended up…
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Helping Employees Buy-In to Changes

Target Audience: Managers who have had difficulty implementing changes because theywere unable to gain employee buy-in to those changes- and who  are faced with a current need to implement new change initiatives. Challenge: “We need to change our procedures to streamline our operations, butalthough I sent my employees to training in the new procedures, they…
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Hiring the Right Person

Target Audience: Managers who have been burnt by candidates who shine during the interview but prove unable to perform once in the job. Challenge: “I can’t believe that it happened again! We went through our recruitment process and came up with candidates who all looked pretty good on paper. One in particular seemed perfect for…
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